Image for CFM Changes Its Name, But Retains Firm’s DNA

From its outset 30 years ago, CFM has always been about advocacy. Now its new business name will reflect that – CFM Advocates. So will its URL –

“Advocacy has always been in our DNA. Now it’s officially part of our name,” explains Joel Rubin and Dale Penn II, owner-partners of the Portland-based lobbying and public affairs firm.

CFM Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

During the year, look for the ways CFM will mark its 30 years in business with full-time offices in Portland, Washington, DC and Salem. Go to our new website at:

“During its 30-year history, CFM has achieved a reputation for principled advocacy and real results for clients,” according to Rubin. “This is a perfect moment to reconfirm our commitment to principled advocacy in everything we do, whether we do it in the Pacific Northwest or Washington, DC.”

Starting out as a friendly spinout from Tektronix, CFM quickly emerged as one of the Pacific Northwest’s most accomplished lobbying and public affairs firms. CFM is the only lobby firm in the region that has won three Silver Anvils, the Oscar of the US public relations industry, for strategic campaigns based on solid research that produced wins.

The firm’s original name in 1990 was Conkling Fiskum & McCormick, but everyone called it CFM. That led a decade ago to a name change to CFM Strategic Communications, which put the emphasis on the firm’s skills and approach to client work. CFM Advocates takes its cue from the earlier name change by emphasizing what the firm does day in and day out.

“We’re proud to be advocates and to advocate using facts, coalitions and hard work,” Penn say. “Strategic communications is a core skill for CFM in service to advocacy for clients. We view ourselves as strategic partners with our clients. That has always been true and hopefully will always remain true.”

While CFM Advocates will be the firm’s business name, CFM Strategic Communications, Inc. will remain the firm’s corporate name and registration as an Oregon corporation. CFM’s staff remains the same. The new logo was designed by Portland graphic designer Linda Lawyer, who created previous CFM logos.