Image for CFM Joins Relief Efforts for Communities Swept by Wildfire

Joining many others, CFM Advocates has donated to wildfire relief funds in Jackson and Marion counties, two of the hardest hit regions in Oregon where entire cities were leveled and hundreds left homeless.

“CFM represents clients in both counties and our heart goes out to the people, families and communities who are coping with unimaginable devastation,” said CFM Partner Joel Rubin.

“The destruction throughout Oregon, and especially in Jackson and Marion counties, is a tough pill to swallow as those regions, along with the rest of the nation, still try to cope with the coronavirus,” added CFM Partner Dale Penn II, who lost personal property in the Beachie Creek Fire.

“We hope donations will provide the disaster relief that enables residents to begin rebuilding their lives, their homes and their businesses,” Rubin and Penn said. “The wildfires are more under control, but now comes the challenging part to restore and rebuild communities.”

CFM donations went to the Southern Oregon Fire Relief Fund and the Mid-Willamette Valley Wildfire Relief Fund. CFM represents the City of Medford and Rogue Valley Transit in Jackson County as well as Marion County and Salem-Keizer Transit.

“Obviously that’s the worst-hit area out of the entire state. More homes were lost, more people displaced and more pain from those wildfires.”

The Federal Emergency Management Agency reports that nearly half of disaster relief applications for disaster relief came from Jackson County. “Obviously that’s the worst-hit area out of the entire state,” said FEMA Federal Coordinating Officer Dolph Diemont. “More homes were lost, more people displaced and more pain from those wildfires.” The county also has experienced a spike on COVID-19 cases.

“From Mehama to Idanha and beyond, approximately 500 homes are gone and others so damaged by smoke they may be uninhabitable,” the Salem Reporter said. “The [Santiam Canyon] fire was destructive in remote communities such as Elkhorn and Breitenbush. In Detroit, the city’s water system may need to be replaced. Government buildings, the Gates post office and Detroit city hall among them, are gone.” Detroit Lake, with two marinas capable of serving 700 boats, is considered the busiest lake in Oregon.