Image for CFM Launches New Eye-Catching Website

CFM Advocates launched its new website this week that is easier for viewers to navigate and find the information they want. The new website also is easier on the eyes and much more engaging. You can even discover the secret ambition of every CFM staff member.


“We needed to freshen our online persona after two years of a pandemic,” explains CFM Federal Affairs Partner Joel Rubin. “We wanted to show what we do for clients in a more meaningful way.”

“We are unabashed advocates,” adds CFM State Affairs Partner Dale Penn II. “We felt our website needed to reflect the edge of advocacy that we embrace.”

Stellaractive, a Portland-based website design firm, created CFM’s new website. “A strong website is critical to business success – after all, it speaks volumes about an organization’s expertise and perspective, and is frequently the first and best chance to make a great impression,” says Stellaractive owner Jessica Gibbon. “It was a pleasure to work with CFM Advocates on the redesign of their website because they get it, and are invested in what they do. Their new website is modern, interesting and intuitive to work with – a strong reflection of who they are as a team.”

“There are many excellent web designers,” says CFM co-founder and principal Gary Conkling, who coordinate the website refresh. “Stellaractive was the perfect choice for us.”

The redesign began late last year with thorough conversations about what the website could be, how it should look and what it needed to convey. Everything was evaluated. That led to writing fresh copy, finding evocative images and rethinking the website’s appearance, contents and structure. “Our guiding principle,” Conkling said, “was asking what our existing or potential clients would want to know and how we can provide information simply and clearly. We also wanted to punch up our SEO so clients could find us easily.”

What you see in the new website is a clear picture of our firm, our services and our reputation.

Rupert Edson and Gibbon developed initial designs and content options. CFM staff rewrote text, including their bios and secret ambitions. The entire staff was photographed at the firm’s 2021 annual staff retreat. From the beginning, the process clicked. “We liked what Stellaractive created from the get-go,” Rubin said. “As modifications were made, the website only got better.” “Their vibe matched our vibe,” Penn added.

As final design decisions were made, it was time to code the new website. “We could hardly wait to see the final result,” explained Cindy Brown who manages the CFM website. “We weren’t disappointed.”

The new site has a cleaner, more professional appearance. Navigation is clear. The pieces fit together. Key themes are reinforced. “What you see in the new website is a clear picture of our firm, our services and our reputation,” Penn says. “We mean what we say in our tagline: ‘Principled advocacy. Real results.’ Now our website reflects what we mean.”