Advocacy by Design

Advocacy is about winning, getting your way, avoiding a problem, prevailing in a debate of competing ideas.

Advocacy by design is about making arguments, claims and proposals clear, crisp and compelling.

Like other forms of information design, advocacy by design relies on visual simplicity, writing with a purpose and a presentation with a pop.

For CFM, advocacy by design is tied to the firm’s commitment to principled advocacy. Sticking to the facts, transparency and credible arguments are good partners with information design.

We want our messages – and the messages of our clients – to be persuasive. Giving them a visual boost helps ensure those messages get noticed and considered.

Advocacy can occur on posters, in emails, via social media, on signs, in speeches and via fact sheets. All benefit from thoughtful design to help intended viewers see, hear and pay heed to what you say. Advocacy design seeks to increase the odds that you win the day.

Work Samples

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