The world is awash with information. To be recognized and heard amid the noise requires Information by Design.

The concept of Information by Design is straightforward. Master your subject. Know your audience. Identify your key message or best fact. Design your information for clarity, accessibility and simplicity. Make it easy for your audience to get your point.

Anyone can do it. Everyone who wants to connect with and motivate an audience should do it.

Information by Design requires weaving words, numbers and images into a coherent and compelling whole. One component is not more important than another. The goal is to leverage their collective strength to deliver a message powerfully and effectively.

This CFM ebook shares the insight, knowledge and experience our team has acquired over the span of more than 30 years. We’ve divided the ebook into sections:

  1. Information Design Principles

  2. Writing with Purpose

  3. Visual Communications

  4. Presentations that Pop

  5. Advocacy by Design